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Randell L. Thiessen

Randy attended Law School at the University of Alberta has been practicing Law for almost 40 years in Southern Alberta. Born and Raised in the small Southern towns of Milk River and Coutts, Randy has a vast compound of Knowledge in multiple areas of Law. Over the years, Randy has a strong interest in Wills and Estates planning, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law and Commercial Real Estate. He specializes in helping clients to administer estates and to complete probate applications as well as assisting in the Business Incorporations.


Currently Thiessen Law Group represents hundreds of companies from across Southern Alberta. Thiessen Law Group has nearly 40 decades of Corporate Law Experience.

Commercial & Farm

Thiessen Law Group is able to meet your Agriculture and Commercial Real Estate needs, whether you are buying, selling, refinancing, leasing or developing. Consider Thiessen Law Group for your Agriculture and Commercial Real Estate needs.


Selling, or buying a home, or Refinancing or Investing in a Property is an exciting time yet can be fairly stressful. We understand the value of property to our clients and their individual transactions. As the Real Estate process can be overwhelming and tricky, we here at Thiessen Law Group Strive to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that the process goes as seamless as possible.

Managed Estates

Our law office has decided to tackle the issues of an aging population head-on. Practicing in Lethbridge since 1976, Randell Thiessen of Thiessen Law Group is well acquainted with the complexities and challenges that come with growing older. By creating a new department called Managed Estates, Thiessen Law Group is primed to spare Lethbridge residents from the headaches and financial pitfalls that can result from a lack of preparation.

Wills & Estate Planning

Estate planning puts you in control of decision-making; saves on unnecessary costs; and relieves family members of extra stress during difficult times. A Personal Document Portfolio, customized to your particular circumstance, provides you with the peace of mind to know that your affairs are in order.

Probate & Estates

When it comes to administering a decedent's estate, the process commonly referred to as "probate”—many people fear it is daunting and complicated, but with the help from an Experienced Lawyer, it can be quite simple.

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